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Due to lockdown nowadays, the families are getting closed to each other and making their bond very strong and making spending their time by doing fun activities together or playing games like ludo which is trending currently in this quarantine period. Like this, one popular entertainment app platform is popular amongst kids to elderly people. That popular app is TIKTOK, from labour to celebrities. Everybody is using this app and no age bar is there, celebrities are it from the golden screen industry to the sports world.

Like many other cricketers, Yuzvendra Chahal is also on Tiktok and making amusing and comical videos with his family and uploading it on the social media and for this Yuzvendra Chahal has always been trending and fans are loving his lively entertaining videos.

Recently, one video post goes viral on Twitter. A couple of months ago in April Former Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh and Rohit Sharma were having Instagram live conservation, wherein between of the conversation Yuvraj Singh unknowingly said,

” Ye bhangi log ko koi kaam nahi hai Yuzi ko. Yuzi ko dekha kya video daala apni family ke sath”.

Rohit Sharma replied,

“Maine usko wahin bola yaar apne baap ko naacha raha hai yaar, tu pagal toh nahi hai saale?”.

Then both have laughed together, in that statement of Yuvraj Singh, he said ” Bhangi” it is an untouchable caste in India and their traditional occupation is manual scavenging and sweeping and considered as an untouchable in the caste system, on the other hand, this caste is also known as Valmiki.

One twitter post brings this offensive conversation under the limelight trending with Yuvraj Singh Maafi Mango. Fans are furious and they want the former Cricketer to apologize for his racism statement. Now we have to see what happens next? What would be Yuvraj Singh’s next step?

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