Famous Tollywood actress Priyanka Sarkar’s latest twitter update created an extraordinary attraction. In the picture, she is in a pool and giving a beautiful pose with some beautiful words like “Her heart was made of liquid sunsets.”

The actress is already very famous on twitter with around 214.6K followers and now this new update will give her more for sure.

Let’s have look on her latest twitter updates

On another tweet, she was taking care of her garden. It’s a video and also giving a message to her followers on the internet. On her tweet, she has given a beautiful message to the social media users like “এবার সময় এসেছে প্রকৃতিকেও একটু ভালোবাসার।“

We all know that she is an extremely talented actress with some memorable films but this tweeter update shows a different picture of her which is a nature lover.

Let’s have a look on her twitter update

The actress started her journey from the famous Bengali movie Chirodini Tumi Je Amar and I hope you people still remember that movie and its songs. We hope, in future, we will get more and more twitter updates from her.

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