justice for chutki

When we were kid, we all grew up watching cartoons, whether it’s an action, sci-fi or comic, we used to loved to watch them. As a kid, we used to have our favourite cartoon character, and if god forbid something happened to them, it was like we were used to felting the pain on behalf of them, whether our favourite characters were used to smile or sobbed we used to feel with them. And as time went by we all grow and stop watching the cartoon, but yet some of the grownups still do watch their favourite cartoon either online or on TV. Ain’t it?. Now our next generation loves watching cartoons.

Now one of the popular cartoon series which stole our heart from kids to elders INDIAN SUPERHERO CHOTA BHEEM we all are familiar with him. Especially with kids, but Bheem made his fans offended over a new plot curve in the show.

Lead role Bheem is to abandon one of his closest companion for the princess of Dholakpur. Some fans are even comparing deeply with Bollywood movies like the non-fictional love triangle. Fans are very much furious and #JustiiceforChutki is very trending on Twitter. Audiences demanding clarification from the makers of the show. After this fuming situation, makers come up with the clarification that in this animated show all characters are kids, and no one is married.

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